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About Us

R.N. Public School which has come up in an very wide area of land is a C.B.S.E. Pattern Co-educational School up to class XII having all type of facility.

We at R.N. Public School believe that no matter what the background of a child may be, each student has tremendous potential that needs to be unearthed and brought to the fore. Our vision, therefore, is to produce a responsible global citizen whose potential we have unleashed and who has a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and values essential to face the challenges of the modern world.

The school seeks to break the shackles of mundane school life because the school believes that the child is like a plant that needs proper nurturing and at the same time a ground, enhancing spontaneous and well-rounded growth.

Our value and ethos are well grounded in our style of working and needless to say have been proved by the distinctive style by which we are managing R.N. Public School.

Our aim in the school is to help a child to realise his own unique potential. We have faith in an ducation which aims at the flowering of the child's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual personality. It is the progressive widening of consciousness which helps the child to manifest that within him, which is uniquely his, leading to an increasing satisfaction and success in individual living as also collective living, socially, nationally and internationally. Our endeavors is to impart education which looks beyond the frontiers of formal education. It is, infact, a preperation for life long learning.

We have well planned mode of teaching to complete the course and to provide basic knowledge for competitions along with tests lab work, library, Projects, Audio-visual classes, debates, Computers, extracurricular activities and overall guidance of all subjects by 24 hours availability of teaches.

The Institution has very carefully designed its fee structure and all facilities which will suit everyones pocket in education and living.

We require you best support and suggestions whenever we need.

Submit the fees timely and ensure the education of you ward.

You must check you ward at home/hostel whether he/She works, hard or not.

You must keep youself in our cotact to know the progress of you ward.

Attend the parents-teacher meet regularly otherwise we would be unable to help you.

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Admission Open
Admission Open session 2020-2021 from KGs. to Class IX & XI Contact number- 8808070673

to R.N. Public School.

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    To provide holistic education that would stimulates the mind and body and infuse discipline to build good character amongst students.


    To provide intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thinking and maturity of Gurukulam values integrated with progressive modern methods.

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