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Information on Our Facilities

All Labs

Science Lab

We provide opportunities to learn various methods and processes, it derives the best results for students. Science Lab aid in developing scientific temper amongst students in cultivating deeper and profound interest in the field. Science Lab allows students to conduct experiments, explorations, and induction on concepts. It is certainly bound to arouse curiosity. There is an overall literacy of valuable skills in preparing Next Gen Scientists, Engineers, Medical professionals.

Science Lab gives birth to highly skilled and competent scientific and technological manpower and assures the country of a great future in the field of Medical Sciences and Technological Developments.

English Lab

“The Pen is mightier than the sword.” The world can be conquered with flawless and grammatically correct English. We at our language Lab have designed out programme to give greater thrust and emphasis to equip our children to deal with English as a Global Link Language.

Our English Lab is of International level with stress on Voice and Accent i.e., Neutral Accent and removal of Mother-Tongue Influence (MTI) in order to be on par with International standards. Focus is laid on all four wings of English Learning i.e.

L – Listening
S - Speaking
R - Reading
W - Writing.

Computer Lab

Cyber Space can be thought of an inter-connection of human beings through computers and telecommunication without regard to physical geography. There are computer Labs with all good computer systems each. There is a 1:1 ratio of system and student so that students have the luxury of maximum utilization of time and system. Wi-fi connectivity is available. Parental lock facility helps to monitor the children’s access to unsafe sites. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc., are blocked.

Maths Lab

Mathematics being a compulsory subject of study, access to quality mathematics education is every child's right. On the other hand, mathematics education in our schools is beset with problems. Due to the hierarchy of concepts and largely deductive and abstract nature of the subject, mathematics is considered as a very dull and difficult subject. A phobia has been created in the minds of the children that mathematics is tough to learn. As a result, most of the students are not taking interest in the subject and it has become one of the main cause of student's failure in mathematics.

A shift in focus is needed in mathematical teaching especially in mathematical learning environment, where whole ranges of process take precedence: Formal problem solving, Use of heuristics, Estimation and Approximation, Optimization and Mathematical Communication.

The National Curriculum Framework for School education developed by NCERT strongly suggested setting up of a mathematics laboratory in every school in order to help exploration of mathematical concepts through activities and experimentation.

The main aim of the mathematics laboratory is to initiate children to enjoy mathematics, pose and solve meaningful problems, to use abstraction to perceive relationships and structure and to understand the basic structure of mathematics.

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    To provide holistic education that would stimulates the mind and body and infuse discipline to build good character amongst students.


    To provide intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thinking and maturity of Gurukulam values integrated with progressive modern methods.

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